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In comparison to 70,000 approvals for citizenship in the same period, 132,000 citizenships applications were approved between July 2018 and May 2019, as per the statement of David Coleman, the Immigration Minister.

Decline in the Waiting time

The recent figures of the Home Affairs Department reveal that there is a decline in the waiting time to get the citizenship in Australia. There is a major decrease in the queues and a significant increase in approving citizenship in the last year. Many seekers received the citizenship within ten months and are the beneficiaries of a speedy application process. Owing to this healthy and positive development people are encouraged to opt for the online portal and check their rescheduling of test date. This will also help to get an early test date.

Approvals increase in an impressive way

He attributed these impressive results to a wide range of reforms that were implemented by the Home Affairs Department. These included establishing Task Forces within the Home Affairs Department to focus on complex cases, system enhancements for automating processes, and an investment of $9 million for recruiting and training extra staff for dealing with the applications efficiently. Owing to these measures, the number of citizenship using the conferral applications readily available has decreased considerably. This year the figure is 222,800, which was 250,000 last year. There will be a continuation of the trend and the numbers will decline, he added.

Waiting time in citizenship drops and approvals increase

221,695 applicants still wait for an outcome of their application of Australian citizenship even though there is a reduced waiting time. The Home Affairs Department states that the waiting time for conferral citizenship has declined to 16 months from 20 months for 75 percent applicants. The share of population of Indians in Australia increased impressively at 30 percent in two years. It is presently the third major migrant group in the country as per the recent figures forwarded by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. To know all the info about the immigration process, fill out a Free Evaluation Form or contact us at [email protected] or call us 7799713277. One of our experts will meet your expectations and provide answers to queries.

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