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Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 489) is a 04-year provisional visa sponsored by the State of Australia for eligible individuals. You need to live in an Australian regional area for a minimum of 24 months and full time work for minimum 01 year. After that, you can appeal for permanent residency. While a candidate on this subclass 489 visa and dependents on the same visa should live, work and/or study in an Australian regional area. When you have satisfied the requirements for the subclass 489 visa, you can apply directly to the Home Affairs Department. Subclass 887 visa will be the most excellent option to appeal for PR. While you must remain to comply with the present conditions of the subclass 489 visa until you are given permanent residency. Make assured that you understand the below information about your obligations of the visa.

As a state of Queensland nominated visa holder, you should:

  • Live and work in Queensland state for 02 years from the granting date your visa
  • Inform to B.S.M.Q with your contact and address information after you reach and settle in your current home
  • Proceed to notify B.S.M.Q of any modifications to your contact and residential address details during the visa tenure.

Visa Requirements:

Be sure to comply with the conditions of provisional visa as defined by the Home Affairs Department. Failure to do so may affect any subsequent appeal that you or your dependents provide for permanent residence.

To apply for subclass 489 visa you need to:

  • Lodge an E.O.I and be invited to appeal
  • Be sponsored by a family relative residing in an Area Designated or nominated by a Territory or State Government.
  • Meet the cut-off mark in the points test of skilled migration
  • To have in between 18 to 44 years
  • Pass Skills Evaluation in a profession on the appropriate List of Skilled Occupations
  • Be Skilled in the English language
  • Meet character and health requirements.

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