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Australia PR Medical Examination

Australian PR medical examination is needed for everyone who applies for Australian PR utilizing subclass 189 and 190 visa.

Medical Test (Adult and Child)

The doctor will do a Urine test, eyesight, height – weight, ear by looking, throat examination by looking.

Chest X-ray

Test for Adults Only

HIV or AIDS test

for Adults Only- A simple Blood test to identify HIV positive virus.

TB test

  • Adult – If you responded yes to any TB inquiries.
  • Child – If the age is in between 5-10 years
Girls and ladies need not be on their menstrual phase at the time of the medical examination. A clear urine result is needed to qualify in the medical test.

Tuberculosis (TB) Recognized

If you ever had Tuberculosis and are presently free of Tuberculosis, you will still require to go by TB detection test. Your Australian PR appeal will not be rejected if you ever had or presently have Tuberculosis. A kid will require a TB examination too and will be given a Tuberculosis detection injection. The case officer will reach you to obtain more TB associated tests done before they can accept your subclass 189 or 190 PR. Your PR appeal will not be accepted until you have entirely treated your Tuberculosis, and test reports confirm that you are clear of this infectious disease.

Pregnancy – X Ray

Pregnant women can't undergo through the X-ray at the point of medical test. Australia D.I.B.P will not provide Australia PR until you receive the X-ray report later your childbirth. It is suggested to create HAP ID prior to your subclass 189 or 190 invitation and get X-ray report done if you are preparing for pregnancy or are recently pregnant if it is safe. The Medical report of Australia PR is valid for a tenure of 12 months.

Hepatitis Examination

Hepatitis B & C test may be needed if you are pregnant or if you plan to work as a dentist, doctor, or nurse in Australia. Hep B check is compulsory for individuals with body piercings or tattoos.

AIDS / HIV Positive

Your Australia PR appeal may not be accepted if you have AIDS. The D.I.B.P will take a choice depends on the public health system costs.

Medical Cost for Australia PR

Medical test cost Australian PR in the USA is USD 350 for each adult. Child medical test for Australia Immigration costs USD 60. The cost in the USA differs by the medical center and may cost you higher depends on your location. Australian PR Medical examination cost for Adult in India is INR 6,000 and for the child it is INR 4,000. Stay Updated with our newsletters to get the latest updates and information on immigration and visas. We request you to fill up the free evaluation form presented by Opulentus to take the initial step for your Visa and Immigration Process. We have more than 18+ years of experience in Overseas career and Immigration Industry. To know all the info about the Medical Tests for Australian PR Using Subclass 189 and 190 Visa, fill out a Free Evaluation Form or contact us at [email protected] or call us 7799713277. One of our experts will meet your expectations and provide answers to queries.

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