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Federal Express Entry Program is a top-notch route to Canada with a PR visa. I.R.C.C has launched a transparent and latest program which is formed for worthy immigrants and skilled individuals depend on Comprehensive Ranking System points.

National Occupational Classification (NOC)

An authoritative resource that is used by Canada governmental body concerning the Job or professional details is the N.O.C. It is utilized for collecting 500+ N.O.C codes and gives a unique structure for evaluation and analysis. All N.O.C is grouped by various skills 0, A, B, C or D.

Giving French or English Language Test

Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Worker Program, and the Federal Skilled trade Program are three crucial programs of Federal Express Entry that require the Language exam qualification. Applicants will be given with C.R.S. score depending on their English and French Language proficiency, to receive these points, one must take I.R.C.C. accepted exams. There are 02 French and English Accepted test namely T.E.F. Canada & T.C.F. Canada and IELTS & C.E.L.P.I.P., respectively.

Comprehensive Ranking System Score

Every aspirant with a profile of Express Entry are given for a total of 1200 as per the parameters like Language abilities, job experience, nomination from the province, accepted job offers, educational qualification and more. The 04 primary sections used for giving the cumulative score out of 1200 to the applicants include Core or human capital parameters, Common-law partner or Spouse parameters, Skills Transferability, and Extra points. Both Common-law partner or Spouse parameters and Core or human capital parameters are given with 500 points. Skills Transferability parameter is provided with 100 points. Extra points deal with a genuine job offer, nomination from the province, French skills, a family connection Canada, etc. given with 600 points.

Receive an Invitation to Apply

Applicants who have highest C.R.S. points will receive an I.T.A. (Invitation to Apply). It is a letter given to the applicants with high C.R.S. points over the cut-off score according to the draw. An I.T.A. valid for a tenure of 60 days, and you require to fill up each document, along with gathering, reviewing, scanning, etc.

Document Checklist

Once after obtaining your I.T.A., you require to fill up each detail in the record and upload to your profile in less than 60 days timeline. Make assured about every detail you require to file the documents similar to the electronic format is needed. Stay Updated with our newsletters and blogs to get the recent updates and information on immigration and visas. We are pleased to declare that we have served more than a Lakh of happy customers. We request you to fill up the free assessment form presented by Opulentus to take the beginning step for your Visa and Immigration Process. To know all the info about the Skilled Workers With STEM Education, fill out a Free Evaluation Form or contact us at [email protected] or call us 7799713277. One of our experts will meet your expectations and provide answers to queries.

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