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Why Apply for Canada Immigration?

Canada has been considered as one of the best countries across the globe for immigration. Stunning geographical features, easy-to-follow visa categories, a wide range of job opportunities, excellent educational systems, Cosmopolitan people, best health care services, rewarding investment options, an abundance of utilizable resources are some of the major reasons that make world's skilled workers interested in Canada Immigration.

What is a Permanent Resident of Canada?

Permanent residency is a kind of Canadian Immigration status that allows immigrants to live and work permanently in the country. Immigrants from every corner of the world can apply for Canadian PR to enjoy the privileges, benefits, and rights of being the Permanent Resident of Canada- one of the most lovable Nations in the world. In order to become a permanent resident, an aspirant should go through the immigration program. The best and famous immigration pathway for PR is economic immigration that comprises the Express Entry system.

5 Best Reasons to Enroll for Canada PR

Here are five of the major advantages that applicants will experience once they obtain a Canadian Permanent Resident Visa.

1) Booming Economic Sector:

Canada has a huge economy and it provides huge employment opportunities for skilled and qualified migrants from across the globe. This country offers several popular Immigration and Visa Programs for the self-employed, businessmen, and employed categories and it also provides non-immigrant options like Student Visa and Work Permit Visa which will provide a chance to apply for Canada Permanent Residency.

2) Civil Rights:

Once you attain Canadian PR, you can have the legal rights to study, work, and live anywhere in the country and enjoy many other privileges and social and security benefits to immigrants and their families as same as Canadian citizens.

3) Free Healthcare:

All permanent residents have access to Canada’s healthcare coverage including immunizations, yearly exams, visits to the emergency room, and more. Healthcare of Canada is universal; this means that immigrants and also their family members can have access to free medical care across the globe.

4) Free Education:

The Canadian Permanent Residents can have the right to study at public-schools without charging money for education. Free education is valid is up to 12th standard. For permanent residents, the University College and tuitions charge fewer fees than international graduates fees.

5) Sponsor Spouse/ Children:

If you receive a Permanent Resident Visa of Canada, you can also have an opportunity to sponsor your eligible family members such as spouses, children, and law partner to join you in Canada and to get PR here. Overall, the Canadian nation is a safe and secure destination to settle in; and Visa and Immigration process is not as complicated as one typically gets to see in some other countries.

Check Easy Process to get PR in Canada - Express Entry

Express Entry System is a popular and well-organized immigration system of Canada which was initially launched in January 2015. Express Entry System offers permanent residents to the selected skilled and professional candidates. To apply through this scheme, aspirants should create a profile on Express entry and need to get a minimum 67 points (CRS Score) to eligible to apply for Canada PR from India. To know all the info about the Express Entry system, CRS Score and other vital factors, fill out a Free Evaluation Form or contact us at [email protected] or call us 7207111222. One of our experts will meet your expectations and provide answers to queries. Connect with us to get the latest news and updates on Immigration and Visas through our blogs and newsletters. Opulentus is pleased to announce that we have served more than a Lakh of happy customers. We request you to fill up our online assessment form presented by Opulentus Visa Company to take the initial step for your Canada Immigration Process.

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