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Canadian Provincial Nominee Programs (P.N.Ps) play an important role in Canada immigration each year. With an enhanced nomination allotment quota in the latest few months, P.N.Ps are having a significant effect on of Canadian Economic immigration programs. Although PNPs perform a second role next to the System of Federal Express Entry, however, in the latest 12 months or so, they have begun making their appearance felt. With cut off marks of Express Entry System are not decreasing by much in the earlier year, Provincial Nominee Programs have attained out to support the applicants with low CRS score. Below are the best PNPs to apply in the year 2019.

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP)

Ontario P.N.P with its enhanced yearly nomination goal this year will be a critical provincial nominee program to appeal. Further, it has presently become the favored choice of the immigrants with less C.R.S score due to it recently declared about the least CRS score requirement. Ontario has currently announced that it is no longer having least C.R.S demand of 400 points for its Stream of Express Entry. Instead, it will be determined by the O.I.N.P director only for every draw of O.I.N.P. Since then it has also allowed the candidates with C.R.S score as less as 350 C.R.S points. However, such candidates require to have some experience in priorities ICT profession or knowledge in the French language, etc.

Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP)

Nova Scotia received 2,272 applicants in 2018, and it is continuing to be an important Provincial Nominee Program in the year 2019. Express Entry Stream of Nova Scotia Demand (Category B) is most favorite among the Canada PR applicants with no job offer demand. The previous year, Express Entry stream simply accepted 1400 appeals. Hence, N.S.N.P- Express Entry stream is running to be important for Canada PR pathway in the year 2019.

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP)

With its system Expression of Interest in place, Program of Manitoba Provincial Nominee (M.P.N.P) is continuing to be an In-demand P.N.P in 2019. So, be active with your immigration documents to appeal in the forthcoming intake of M.P.N.P in 2019.

Other Canadian PNPs to Apply

With other PNPs, you may also consider applying in A.I.N.P, B.C.P.N.P, P.E.I.P.N.P, etc. These are also excellent programs to get the provincial nomination and consequently, the Canadian PR in 2019 depends on your complete profile.

Check Easy Process to get PR in Canada - Express Entry

Express Entry System is a popular and well-organized immigration system of Canada which was initially launched in January 2015. Express Entry System offers permanent residents to the selected skilled and professional candidates. To apply through this scheme, aspirants should create a profile on Express entry and need to get a minimum 67 points (CRS Score) to eligible to apply for Canada PR from India. To know all the info about the Express Entry system, CRS Score and other vital factors, fill out a Free Evaluation Form or contact us at [email protected] or call us 7799713277. One of our experts will meet your expectations and provide answers to queries. Connect with us to get the latest news and updates on Immigration and Visas through our blogs and newsletters. Opulentus is pleased to announce that we have served more than a Lakh of happy customers. We request you to fill up our online assessment form presented by Opulentus Visa Company to take the initial step for your Canada Immigration Process.

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