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    Check How Canadian Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) Works?

    The Canada Provincial Nominee Program commonly called as PNP. Under this program, several Canadian territories and provinces are allowed to nominate the candidates who will be committed to the economy of the particular territory and province. Though the PNP assist immigration process, it highly based on the guidelines, streams, and criteria each Canadian PNP has laid down. This program needs immigrants to have the required skills, work experience, and education to meet the worker market and economy of the particular province. Every territory and province has a Provincial Nominee Program which focuses on specific groups like skilled workers, business people, semi-skilled workers, and students. IRCC will only be responsible for the decrease and increase of PNPs; the territories reach the targets by reducing, expanding or opening streams and categories.

    List of Canada Provincial Nominee Programs

    1. British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program
    2. Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program
    3. Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program
    4. Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program
    5. Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program
    6. New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program
    7. Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program
    8. Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program

    How to Apply to a Provincial Nominee Program?

    Typically, there are two main pathways to apply for a Provincial Nominee Program of a specific Canadian province. I) Apply through a Province Directly: If you have selected a Canadian province to work and settle there, you can apply directly to its PNP. Follow the below-shown steps to apply for PNP.
    • Choose a Canadian province and apply in its Provincial Nominee Program
    • Application of immigrants can be reviewed based on the point system/selection criteria of the selected province.
    • If immigrants got selected, they will receive a province nomination letter.
    • Depending on the nomination, immigrants can also apply for Permanent Residency of Canada.
    II) Apply through Express Entry System: If immigrants can register on Express Entry and make it to the EE pool, their profile will be seen and picked by the several territories and provinces of Canada. If their Express Entry profile is selected by any of the provinces, they will receive an invitation to get in touch with the territory to be considered for their PNP program. If immigrants will be invited in such a way by a territory, they will be eligible to get an online Invitations To Apply for a Canada PR Visa, based on the invitation/nomination from the province.

    Key Benefits of the PNP program for Canada

    Depending on the Provincial Nominee Programs, immigrants can get many relaxations as an applicant, i.e.
    • Right to select a province to settle
    • Get Canadian Permanent Resident Visa easily
    • Job offer also not required
    • No hassles of pool selections
    • Allocates points for the area of training

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