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    Canada Permanent Resident Visa

    Canada is one of the most preferred destinations for Indians when it comes to applying for PR Visa. Canada’s career opportunities, cultural diversity, flexible immigration policies, Indian communities, and democratic values are attracting thousands of Indian immigrants to apply for Canadian PR. Every year, more than 2 lakhs people are permitted to enter Canada as permanent residents. Once obtaining a PR, holders will get almost all the rights same as regular citizens of Canada. However, to attain the Permanent Resident Visa in Canada, candidates required to apply in any of the points-based immigration programs, i.e. PNP, Express Entry, QSWP etc,

    What are the Best Pathways to get a Canada PR Visa?

    1. Skilled Immigration Program (Express Entry)
    2. Business Class Immigration
    3. Provincial Nomination Program
    4. Family Class Immigration
    5. Quebec-Selected Immigration

    I) Skilled Immigration Program (Express Entry)

    It is the most popular pathway to obtain Canadian Permanent Residency from India. The Skilled immigrants are assessed based on their skills and ability to live forever in Canada and helps towards the economic growth of the country. The Skill worker Immigrants have been selected based on their profile factors such as age, education, work experience, language proficiency, and others. Skilled worker immigrants can apply for PR through the Federal Express Entry systems. As per the system, the candidates can create a profile on EE and fill it with required details. The immigrants' applications received under this system will be processed within 6 months.

    Below listed are the three Important Streams that run under Express Entry

    1. Federal Skilled Worker Program
    2. Canadian Experience Class
    3. Federal Skilled Trade Program

    II) Business Class Immigration

    Here are three classes of candidates in the Business Class Immigration to eligible for the permanent residence. The classes include entrepreneurs, self-employed persons, and investors. Entrepreneurs: They are needed to demonstrate business experience in managing businesses, owning a business or in owning a percentage or share of a business. Entrepreneurs should have a net worth of at least C$300,000 to operate and manage a business and to create a minimum of one employment within 3 years of becoming a permanent resident. Self-employed persons: The candidates should have an intention, ability, and experience to start a business. They also must create a job for occupants and which would make a continuous contribution to athletics and cultural activities in Canada. Investors: They should demonstrate experience in the business. They should have a net worth of at least C$800,000 to invest at least C$400,000 in the economy of Canadian Government.

    III) Provincial Nominee Programs

    The Provincial Nominee Programs enables territories and provinces of Canada to nominate the applicants who are interested to immigrate and settle in a specific province. To apply as a provincial nominee, applicants should meet the minimum eligibilities of any one of the territory or province. IV) Family Class Immigration If the immigrants are having any close relative or family members that are Canada's permanent residents, they will be available to help them obtain PR. Around 30% of immigrants that come from India are sponsored by a family member. Candidates settled in Canada are obliged by the Canadian government to sponsor a family member entering the country for a period of 3 to 10 years in order to facilitate them live and settle in the Nation.

    V) Quebec-Selected Immigration

    Quebec Skilled Worker Program is one also most popular Canadian Provincial Nomination Immigration Program that enables candidates across the world to work and live in Quebec during their starting days and helps towards the development of Quebec's labor market and economic growth. This immigration program is operated and assessed the candidates based on their several factors such as age, education, work experience, language proficiency, and other factors.

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