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    Get Germany National Visa Information

    Germany is one of the most important and developed states in the world. So, it is no surprise that several folks end up moving to Germany for both career growth and the betterment of their personal lives. Several reasons might precipitate your yearning for that move to Germany. The most popular one, however, is the undoubted possibility of steady career growth and improved personal life and living experience. If you’ve decided to make that move to attain Germany Immigration, then you need to apply for a National Visa first. Applying for a national visa is the core of what this article is about.

    There are different categories of Germany National Visas which include

    • Visa to Study in Germany
    • Family Reunion Visa
    • Job Seeker Visa
    • Working (Employment) Visa
    • Medical Treatment Visa etc.
    We’re going to consider the inner workings of applying for any of these various National Visas. Here we go

    How to Apply for Germany National Visa

    The first step to take when applying for a national visa is to find out if you need to. This is because citizens of some countries can enter Germany without a national Visa. Citizens of the Schengen zone are not required to get a visa regardless of the duration of stay. There are also currently 62 countries whose citizens are free to enter Germany without a Visa. However, their stay must not exceed 90 days. If stay will exceed 90 days, a Germany National Visa is required. Some of these countries are
      • Argentina
      • Canada
      • Barbados
      • United States of America
      • UAE
      • Serbia
      • South Korea
      • Mexico
      • Monaco etc.
    If you do not belong to any of those 62 countries or countries in the Schengen zone, then you need to apply for a Germany National Visa before you can possess the liberty of moving to Germany.

    Requirements for German National Visa

    The following are expected of prospective candidates when applying for a Germany national visa
    • Application Form: Candidates are required to fill and complete the Germany Visa application form honestly. This form can be downloaded from the immigration website.
    • Passport: Candidates are to possess international passports. The validity of this passports should extend beyond three months of your allotted stay in Germany.
    • Photo: Candidates are required to present three passport photos taken within the last three months. These photos must meet specific predetermined criteria.
    • Health Insurance: Candidates are required to have health plans in place to the tune of a minimum of € 30,000. Financial Statements: Candidates are required to submit proof that they can fend for themselves if granted a Visa. This proof can come in the form of recent bank statements. If recent bank statements are not viable, then candidates can enlist the bank statement of their proposed sponsors.
    • Travel Documents: Candidates are expected to possess evidence of travel reservations and other documents that state the purpose of their stay in Germany. The average visa fee for a National Visa is EUR 75. Applications are processed in 10 to 15 working days. There you have it! A quick sojourn into the inner working of applying for a national visa. In closing, immigrating to Germany will not only give you better career opportunities, but it will also further enhance your personal life.

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